Jose Marrero

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A story of a Texas bullfight exhibition gone horribly wrong, from the March 9, 1900 edition of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle:

Austin, Tex.–A desperate riot, which came near resulting in the lynching of several bull fighters, took place at San Luis Potosi, Mex. The affair is described as follows in a letter which reached here today:

The bull fight of Sunday afternoon under the leadership of Jose Marrero of Havana, with seven assistants proved a failure. Five arrogant and valiant bulls had been promised. The first bull led out put up a little show of resistance and was killed, but none of the others would fight at all. The spectators began to hiss and groan and throw oranges, lemons and stones into the ring. Finally the disappointed assemblage tossed the chairs, benches and hand-railings into the ring and then set fire to the pile. This stopped the performance. But even this exhibition of ire did not satisfy the belligerents, who laid violent hands on the bull fighters and were in the act of lynching them when the police interfered.”