Father John Bashobora

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The opening of a Spiegel report about a Catholic exorcist packing a football stadium in Poland:

“While Pope Francis is trying to¬†modernize the Catholic Church in Rome, priests in Poland organized a large event over the weekend that took on a somewhat atavistic tone.

More than 58,000 believers packed into the Warsaw National Stadium to see Father John Bashobora, a self-proclaimed exorcist, as he preached on Saturday. Known as a healer, the Ugandan priest drew a number of people in wheelchairs to the event, along with many others hoping to ease their pain.

Bashobora has a reputation as a ‘faith healer who has already driven the devil out of a number of people,’ one 54-year-old woman told news agency DPA. The woman, a recovering alcoholic, added that she hoped to be ‘permanently healed of this evil.'”