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Air rifles will help your sons build confidence.


This 1948 pocket-size comic book (priced at 10 cents), produced by the Plymouth, Michigan, air-rifle seller known as Daisy, offered a variety of heroic tales (Captain Marvel, Robotman, Red Ryder) and cartoon histories (Leonardo Da Vinci, German mechanical engineer Rudolph Diesel, Cleveland Indians pitcher Bob Feller). And of course, it contained an 8-page catalog of Daisy Air Rifles, including the 1,000-shot repeater Cowboy Carbine and the Daisy Pump Gun, both available for purchase. But wait, there’s more, and some of it involves cows! An excerpt: 

“ALSO: Camping Tips, Fishing Lore, Marksmanship Manual, How To Be A Cowboy, Jokes, Quizzes, How To Read Cow Brands, Wood Carving, many others! Limited supply. Mail coupon with thin dime (10c in coin) plus unused 3c stamp–we’ll rush your copy postpaid! Do it now–this very minute–send coupon.” 

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