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  6. trump consummate narcissistic salesman
  7. daniel dennett radical transparency
  8. camels delivering u.s. mail
  9. charlie brooker futurist
  10. peter thiel backup country new zealand

Donald Trump in 2017: “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now.”

Donald Trump in 1955: “Get that son of a bitch off the bus right now.”


Jesse Ventura is now being paid to deny Russian interference in the American election on Putin’s propaganda channel.

Ian Bogost argues that we’re already living inside a computer.

Jamie Wheal, “Flow State” salesman, is profiled by the New York Times.

• Nicholas Carr analyzes Sandy Pentland’s ideas about social physics.

• Bob Woodruff conducted a Reddit AMA about North Korea.

Nation-states may be a passing fancy—or perhaps not.

• A brief note from 1928 about future foods.

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Mark Lilla, woolly mammoths, etc.

10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

  1. philiogist murderer edward h. rulloff
  2. mark lilla identity politics
  3. toscanini living under fascism
  4. genetic enhancement in china
  5. kodak george eastman death
  6. spritz speed reading app
  7. why might we want to bring a mammoth back to life?
  8. millionaires don’t hire astrologers. billionaires do.
  9. people who have already been born could live for ten centuries
  10. trump has learned how to function in a world in which people now live in very separate realities

Hey, Bieber, get your ass over here. I’ve got another job for you.

I don’t have time to manscape, so I’ll drop trou and you flip that mower over and buzz my ballsac. But be careful!

Good job, Harry Pothead. Now my boys are smooth. You’re way better than that nun in Florida. She nicked my nutbag.

Okay, enough of you, midget loser, now I’m going to go be deeply intimate with the First Lady.


Some notes from me and excerpts from Jeet Heer and Jeffrey Goldberg on Trump and his aftermath.

• The effect 60 Minutes had on American journalism was a mixed blessing.

Some thoughts on Chelsea Manning’s smart NYT op-ed about the “eerily banal dystopian novel” we’ve written ourselves into.

Spiegel interviewed Edward Snowden, another dubious character in a dubious age.

• Perspectives on the political and personal complications of social media by Nick Bilton and Matt Haig.

• Nicholas Carr believes our warm welcome of nascent ambient technologies speaks to our narcissism.

• In 1957, Henry Miller predicted the emergence of a tyranny of technology.

• Old Print Articles: Mussolini manhandles the media. (1933/37)

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Daniel Boorstin, dictator chic, etc.


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  5. the place reeked of dictator chic
  6. exorcists in france
  7. rare jerry lewis films
  8. laurie penny article on robots
  9. the hgtv effect
  10. esalen institute of big sur

This week, the President was ready to teach Americans about the art of the deal.

Mitch, you chinless sack of shit, we’ve got the Democrats right where we want them on the debt ceiling. Just wait till I get that Chuck Schumer in a room.

I have absolutely no leverage, Mr. President, but I need you to do exactly what I want.

Now that business is taken care of, let me tell you all about the time I had sex in the toilet at Studio 54.


• One Republican pollster is beginning to think the GOP may be racist. Really???

• When not busy toying with Trump like a cornered rat, Vladimir Putin claims to be concerned about AI.

• Germany isn’t positioned to elect a Trump, but that doesn’t mean it’s free of xenophobic panic.

Some notes on Identity Politics, Bernie, Peggy Noonan and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ new essay.

• Despite what Libertarians believe, Burning Man is a vast bureaucracy.

• Several new pieces explore unobtrusive technologies that may soon alter our lives.

• The Los Angeles Review of Books focuses on the future of genetic engineering.

• A brief note from 1910 about the death of President Taft’s White House cow.

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Max Valier, Robert Redford.


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  5. robert redford on donald trump
  6. achzivland
  7. douglas rushkoff metadata
  8. god sees everything, including the blind
  9. austrian rocketeer max valier
  10. céline journey to the end of the night

This week, Donald Trump was summoned to flood-ravaged Houston to show empathy, clearly not his strong suit.

Don’t just sit there, Abbott, we’ve got work to do.

Are you white or black or what?

Don’t worry, lady, you’ll float.

Have a good time, everybody. I’m dismantling the EPA, so when chemical plants explode, take refuge in a megachurch.

We’re kinda closed now. Maybe try Airbnb or something?


• Trump’s Russia problem and autocratic dreams may meet headlong before long.

• Masha Gessen writes of Trump enabling hooligans and militias, a measure often employed by autocrats.

• Zoning is often the target of Libertarians, but Houston proves it has its merits.

• Are the machines are coming for our jobs? Max Tegmark and Nicholas Carr comment.

• Myriad challenges stand in the way of the proposed “space nation” Asgardia.

• Old Print Article: Madame Tussaud, doyenne of the decapitated. (1912)

• Old Print Article: George Eastman commits suicide. (1932)

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Andrew O’Hagan, Lew Wallace, etc.


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  4. death of polish president andrzej duda
  5. jobs fully automated out of existence
  6. people who clone their pets
  7. sebastian thrun flying cars
  8. andrew o’hagan technology and the novel
  9. robert louis stevenson death in samoa
  10. it’s almost like a conspiracy

This week, Sebastian Gorka was fired from his White House post. If he’s eventually forced to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, many think he’ll be a must-see.

He seems, however, to be more like a not-see.


• As Donald Trump speaks out for white supremacists, Daron Acemoglu and Simon Johnson suggest America found a “new republic.”

• Wallace Shawn talks about people, including our Entertainer-in-Chief, using cruelty to amuse.

• A WaPo op-ed argues Gawker is desperately needed during the Trumpocalypse. Seems a grandiose statement.

Tyler Cowen worries about designer babies. I’m worried that he thinks Rex Tillerson might be a good Secretary of State.

Spiegel explains why modern Germany couldn’t elect a Trump-ish figure.

• Tom Simonite says “banning ‘killer robots’ just isn’t practical.” Probably correct.

• Bill Joy believes we should “put everything online.” Not a great idea.

• A rare TV appearance from Jerry Lewis’ long, complicated life.

• Old Print Article: John Wilkes Booth receives a second burial.

• Two notes from 1930 about an eclipse “talkie”

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Claude Shannon, oikophobia, etc


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  5. windows xp background image
  6. oikophobia
  7. alfred hitchcock profile by oriana fallaci
  8. report from gaza london review of books
  9. americans are serial amnesiacs
  10. the white house has become a grotesque, excruciating freak show

This week, Donald Trump fired Senior Adviser Steve Bannon, but there was a touching moment when they parted.

If you should ever need me, you can find me fellating myself in the gutter.

I honestly thought my life couldn’t get any worse.


Charlottesville is perhaps prelude to greater unrest in America.

Edward Luce analyzes America after Charlottesville and Trump’s putrid presser.

Notes on Confederate statuary from John Marshall and a 1909 letter by a Union vet.

• Elon Musk thinks AI a more pressing threat than North Korea. Oh, goodness.

• Megan Molteni reports on the refreshing diversity found at CRISPRcon.

• James Surowiecki pushes back at the promised robopocalypse.

• Old Print Article: Julius Streicher captured in the aftermath of WWII. (1946)

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Jennifer Doudna, Nicole D. Wallace.

10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

  1. a lot of things around us happen almost by magic now
  2. bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki
  3. americans living in a mental fog
  4. richard seymour essay about trolls
  5. nicole wallace sarah palin
  6. chris cillizza cnn
  7. apple wants constant surveillance
  8. jennifer doudna a crack in creation
  9. andrew mcafee and erik brynjolfsson q&a
  10. engelberger’s machine caretaker ISAAC


• Vladimir Putin’s propaganda outlet suddenly excoriates Donald Trump.

• Nicole Wallace discusses Sarah Palin, Trump’s forerunner in many ways.

Kurt Andersen thinks our embrace of unreality helped create the QVC quisling.

• Peter Thiel thinks the Trump may end in disaster. What was Dr. IQ’s first hint?

• Nick Bilton thinks Mark Zuckerberg can heal America’s ills. No, he can’t.

Putin puppet Julian Assange promises violence should Trump be ousted.

• If “traces of an explosion” were found on Lech Kaczynski’s plane, it’s no shock.

• Ray Bradbury thought history would be taught in “audio-animatronic museums.”

• Anna Fifield conducted an AMA about the exploding U.S.-North Korea tension.

• Ross Andersen observes the history of humans experiencing solar eclipses.

• Increasingly autonomous cars cause drivers to suffer from skill fade. Of course.

• Old Print Article: Interplanetary wars and synthetic weather predicted. (1945)

 A brief note from 1951 about a silent prayer in Hiroshima.

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Farrah Fawcett, Joan Didion, etc.


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  4. william gibson on apocalypses
  5. hugo gernsback inventor
  6. farrah fawcett-majors
  7. american heiress jeffrey toobin
  8. marilyn chambers and chuck traynor
  9. lucille maxwell miller joan didion
  10. when did e.l. doctorow die?

This week, before fleeing that rat trap of a White House for a long vacation after accomplishing nothing, Donald Trump had one final phone call to make.

Listen, Presidente Nieto, we’re going to pretend Mexico will pay for the wall because New Hampshire is a pisshole full of inbred crackheads. They drink their own bathwater and gargle with cat vomit.

You’ve accidentally called Chipotle again, Mr. President.

Well, will you pretend to pay for the wall?

No, we sell burritos and tacos.

Send over some grub fast. The White House cooks don’t wash their hands after using the can. Lincoln died from food poisoning. Not too many people know that.

I alienate everyone and my life will end in utter disgrace.


A few thoughts on John Lanchester’s LRB article about Facebook.

• Trump is utilizing Fox News as a state-sponsored propaganda outlet.

• Ruth May details how Russian oligarch money has spread throughout the GOP.

• As the US recuses itself from the global stage, China’s increasingly militaristic

• Chauncey DeVega interviewed Tom Nichols about Trump, expertise, etc.

• Laurie Penny wonders if automation will force us to reconsider masculinity.

• A new CRISPR breakthrough has been likened to a moon-landing moment.

• Lawrence Klepp pushes back at Yuval Harari’s vision of a post-human society.

• Christopher Wareham considers the wealth inequality of life-extending science.

• William Gibson analyzes our seemingly endless dystopian fantasies.

• The exorcism business is on the rise in France. Why?

• In 1973, 16-year-old cult leader Maharaj Ji vowed to create a techno-paradise.

• In the ’60s and ’70s, Leo Litwak reported on Rolfing, hypnodramas and est.

• Old Print Article: Vidkun Quisling faces the firing squad. (1945)

• Old Print Article: Bat Masterson dies an ink-stained wretch. (1921)

• Two brief notes about the widow Houdini conducting séances.

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: vegan extraterrestrials, Liz Smith.

10 search-engine keywords bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

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  2. humans will become massively connected
  3. george a. romero obituary
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  5. timothy mcveigh hero worship
  6. leonard cohen you won’t like what comes after america
  7. frank pierson my battles with barbara and jon
  8. president andrew johnson bear chair
  9. vegan alien race
  10. kasparov vs deep blue

This week, the President caused an uproar when he addressed the Boy Scout Jamboree, turning it into a politicized hate rally and telling off-color stories.

In summation, kids, I had a friend who sold his business for a lot of money and bought a yacht and, wow, the whores. Make America great again!

What, did I cross a line? No problem. I’ll get Scaramucci to fix it for me.

You little cocksuckers talk and I won’t give any of you cocaine or handguns.


• At the Youngstown rally, Trump was oddly focused on “young, beautiful girls…16 or 15” being murdered with knives.

• Mike Bloomberg thinks Donald Trump has a good shot at 8 years in the WH. I’ll bet the under.

Liz Smith was at the center of the culture, when the culture still had a center.

Governments are utilizing new tech tools to coax and control citizens.

John Thornhill writes of how the battlefield is redefined in the Digital Age.

• Tristan Harris says smartphones have “hijacked” minds. That’s a misreading.

• Roombas, TVs, etc., are already in our homes collecting information about us.

Siddhartha Mukherjee says the thorny future of genetics is already upon us.

• Tim Parks and Riccardo Manzotti debate whether the mind is just the brain.

• Jimmy Soni and Rob Goodman conducted an AMA on their Claude Shannon bio.

• An item to add to Noah Smith’s list of causes leading to Americans living in a “mental fog”: tackle football.

• A note from 1908 about experiments in “electric sleep.”

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Jeet Heer Abbie Hoffman, etc.

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  2. abbie hoffman interviewing clifford irving
  3. f is for fake
  4. tasaday people
  5. is elvis really still alive?
  6. evel knievel death defying
  7. claus von bulow interview
  8. jeet heer and jean baudrillard
  9. bruno hauptmann electric chair
  10. donald trump could kill and eat a small child on the white house lawn

This week, neckless SkyBridge slug Anthony Scaramucci was appointed White House Communications Director, leading to the resignation of Sean Spicer, who immediately secured a job as spokesperson for Hitler’s disembodied head.

We simply don’t know who built those Holocaust centers.

Herr Spicer is right. It could have been anyvone!


• Susan Glasser and Elizabeth Drew talk Watergate & our current political crisis.

• Brian Beutler and Timothy D. Snyder analyze Trump’s authoritarian dreams.

Gormless pundit Chris Cillizza was asked suitably brutal questions in an AMA.

• The question James Surowiecki asked about automation isn’t the best one.

Noah Smith addresses the costs of drugs, lead and poverty in America.

• Tom Simonite analyzes Elon Musk’s disproportionate fear of Intelligent AI.

• A look back at Norman Mailer’s dark interpretation of the moon landing.

• Old Print Article: The Icarians settle in America. (1853)

• A brief note from 1946 about Damon Runyon’s death.

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: left-wing militias, Einstein’s genome.


10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

  1. left-wing militia story
  2. richard feynman nuclear weapons in the future
  3. einstein’s genome
  4. freeman dyson’s green universe: a vision
  5. becoming a computer to defeat computers
  6. personal memory enhancement
  7. neuroscientist christof koch technological species
  8. trump and bannon could automate populism
  9. steve schwarzman’s 70th birthday party
  10. madalyn murray o’hair fascism

This week, Donald Trump Jr. was caught repeatedly lying about a meeting with Russians. The President quickly pivoted.

I never even met this guy.

But he’s your son.

No, he isn’t. He was conceived when Ivana had sex with a trout.



• In 2017 America, some citizens believe the Earth is flat while others dream of an AI President.

• David Frum and Edward Luce seek solutions to our “modern-day Versailles.”

America’s gun obsession informs a left-wing militia and a right-wing town.

• Masha Gessen analyzes the Donald Trump Jr.–Russia revelations.

• Jeet Heer writes of a time of simulacra and our “first postmodern President.”

• In 1945, Henry Miller predicted humans would create a nuclear Disneyland.

• Naomi Klein discusses the “billionaire savior complex.”

Bob Stein offers sketches from 1982 of an “Intelligent Encyclopedia.”

• Old Print Article: Cherry Kearton photographs Penguin Island. (1931)

• A brief note from 1948 about Canadian space exploration.

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Hunter S. Thompson, Gary Indiana.


10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

  1. will trump stay in office for four years?
  2. jack ma predicts maybe we’ll have wwiii
  3. garry kasparov deep thinking review
  4. rodney brooks recent comments about intelligence machines
  5. bernie sanders us elections are personality contests
  6. signor blitz ventriloquist
  7. future technology in baseball
  8. new york yankees wife swap 1973
  9. hunter s. thompson big sur
  10. gary indiana “america loves the successful sociopath and thinks it’s normal to dream of becoming like him”

This week, a stern President Trump arrived at the G20 Summit determined to confront Vladimir Putin over tampering with our elections.

They think Russia interfered in the Presidential election and helped me win, but that isn’t true, right?

Of course it is. Your campaign helped. If you’re lucky, you will be allowed to resign in disgrace. Or maybe you’ll hang for treason. Now we’re trying to breach America’s nuclear facilities.

See, nothing happened.

Let’s shake on it.

Do you have prostitute pee on your hands?

A lot.

Don’t worry. So do I.


• Lawrence Wright covers Texas’ combustible 2017 legislative session.

My Fellow Americans: Happy 4th Of July!

• In 1967, Norman Mailer and Oriana Fallaci met for a conversation.

• Matthew Cobb asks if CRISPR is a “techno-thriller writing itself in real time.”

• Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjlfsson talk on automation, climate change, etc.

• Christopher Mims wonders if iPhones–and society–will be transformed by 2027.

Abigail Cain explains how the Windows XP desktop background came to be.

• Despite little violent crime, Japan’s police force is growing.

• A brief note from 1926 about Napoleon’s cane.

• Old Print Article: A freak show funeral via Edison “Talking Machine.” (1895)

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Garry Wills, Father Divine, etc.

10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor:

  1. garry willis 1974 all the president’s men
  2. philip zimbardo on donald trump
  3. trump “tapp my phones”
  4. trumpism social safety nets
  5. kremlin machismo
  6. thomas friedman sending us troops into syria
  7. yuval harari upgrading human beings
  8. tim harford technocrats
  9. father divine accentuate the positive
  10. we’re disgusting and barbaric

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