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10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

  1. what facebook did to american democracy
  2. donald trump and norman vincent peale
  3. ronald reagan is not the president—he’s the host of the country
  4. the world is having a nervous breakdown
  5. jennifer doudna and evolution
  6. mimi kramer essay
  7. questions thomas edison asked job applicants
  8. 2001 a space odyssey featurette
  9. frank melbourne old time rainmaker
  10. margalit fox obituary of otto and george

This week, dotard and moron Donald Trump flew to Tokyo to meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Your funny toilet bowls keep squirting me in the ass. I feel like a samurai.

Maybe after the koi eat, they’ll give each other blowjobs.

It’s great being here on the golf course, far away from all that fake news about Russiagate.

Hi Donald. Meet me in the clubhouse to pick up your latest instructions.

Okay, boss.


• Several of America’s most prominent institutions are simultaneously collapsing before our eyes. That’s likely mostly for the good, ultimately.

• John Boehner is disgusted by Donald Trump. Too bad he enabled him.

• Before Trump’s “Build the Wall” there was McCain’s “Complete the Danged Fence.”

• As Facebook’s connection to the Kremlin becomes clearer, Sheryl Sandberg is sounding more like Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Megan McCardle is troubled by online shaming, but she’s earned some of what she’s received.

• Artificial Intelligence is either depressingly limited or on the cusp of taking all our jobs and becoming superintelligent. It depends on who you ask.

• Old Print Article: Adolf Hitler feared alive and escaped. (1945)

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Kurt Vonnegut, Terry Winograd, etc.

10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

  1. kurt vonnegut criticizing bob dylan
  2. larry flynt and the first amendment
  3. terry winograd artificial intelligence
  4. tillerson calls trump a moron
  5. privacy and facial recognition
  6. google is knowledge
  7. you are already living inside a computer
  8. william “hope” harvey coin’s pyramid
  9. heaven’s gate cult mass suicide
  10. arthur janov john lennon

This week, pumpkin-headed President Trump welcomed children to the Oval Office for Halloween.

I have larger hands than all you little shits.

I’m normally a germophobe, but in Russia urine is a delicacy.

One look at Eric’s face, and I really considered a vasectomy.

I gave all you brats candy, but did anyone bring anything for me?


Bigotry, not economics, appears to be the driving force behind the widespread nativism.

• Former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer is alarmed by the rise of the AfD.

• A lack of information can get you killed but so can the wrong information. Consider North Korea and Myanmar.

Garry Kasparov isn’t very worried about AI dominance in so-called open systems.

• Former New Yorker theater critic Mimi Kramer addresses the pernicious influence of former boss Tina Brown.

• In 1991, George H.W. Bush discussed decency, and Barbara Bush opined on sexual harassment.

• Physical beauty is, unsurprisingly, a focus of the contemporary fertility industry.

A note from 1845 about Samuel Morse sending a telegram at the Polk inauguration.

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Ruth Brown Snyder, Marlon Brando, etc.


10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

  1. ernest hemingway presidential candidate
  2. stephen fry essay “the way ahead”
  3. robert zubrin utah desert mars
  4. marlon brando acting course
  5. electra glide in blue robert blake
  6. gandhi apple computers
  7. macron grand narratives
  8. steve bannon ronald reagan documentary
  9. donald trump freak factor
  10. ruth brown snyder first woman in electric chair

This week, after Donald Trump told a military widow her slain husband “knew what he was signing up for,” he announced he would allow classified files on the JFK assassination to be opened as scheduled.

Wow, Kennedy’s head opened up like a piñata. The blood really rushed out of his skinbag. That Lou Diamond Phillips got him good.

That’s Lee Harvey Oswald, sir.

Whatever. I’ll call the widow and tell her her husband croaked.

Mrs. Kennedy’s dead, sir.

What?! Lou Diamond Phillips got her, too?

Okay, then I’ll call the assassin’s son.


• Masha Gessen now fears America could be headed for a military coup, though in April she thought that was preferable to four years of Trump.

Facebook and Google are still bad for American democracy.

• Google wants to manage a stretch of Toronto, which sounds like a bad idea.

• Margaret Atwood thinks we’re perilously close to reviving 1930s fascism.

• In regards to Harvey Weinstein, screenwriter Scott Rosenberg says “everybody fucking knew.”

• Old Print Articles: Norman Vincent Peale worries about American fascism. (1935)

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Denis Johnson, Chuck Barris, Nicole Wallace.

10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

  1. will america go to war with north korea?
  2. trump and north korea
  3. donald trump is a liar
  4. the unrest in charlottesville
  5. denis johnson article about militias
  6. nicole wallace talking about sarah palin
  7. putin and elon musk debate artificial intelligence
  8. sandy pentland social physics
  9. are algorithms robots?
  10. when chuck barris of tv died

This week, the dotard and moron President of America Donald Trump spoke to the dotard and moron President of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

It’s President Trump. Is this the President of the U.S. Virgin Islands?

Yes, this is the President.

What’s going on in that dump?

It’s a real shit hole. Damp as fuck. Needs more white people, a golf course and some Eastern European “models.”

I like your moxie. Wanna be my Vice President?

What about Pence?

Calls his wife “mother” and always worrying about the gays. Either he’s a time traveler from the 1950s or he’s hiding or repressing something. It’s a creepfest.

I’m sitting right here, Mr. President.


• Jim Rutenberg analyzes Russia’s surprisingly successful Information War.

Emmanuel Macron explains why he believes in grand political narratives.

• Marsha Gordon considers profound AI and the withering of memory.

• California seems to be far ahead of the rest of the U.S. in facing the future.

• Two brief notes about Nijinsky’s illness.

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Jules Streicher, Rick Perry, Jesse Ventura.


10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

  1. new jesse ventura tv show
  2. trump authoritarian crisis
  3. is rick perry dumb?
  4. we’re already living inside a computer
  5. futuristic ambient technology
  6. jules streicher nazi trial
  7. knut hamsun and hitler
  8. bob and carol and ted and alice big sur scene
  9. death of george eastman
  10. nation-states are myths

This week, when dotard and moron Donald Trump was finished throwing paper towels at hurricane survivors, he looked at his shocking poll numbers.

Wow, I’m in a deeper hole than Alan Thicke! I need to think fast.

I know! I’ll find two other assholes to hang around with to make myself look not as uniquely shitty.

Yes, you’re both invited.

The White House has sent a private plane for us, Biebs.


• We’re in the midst of building a surveillance state that can be used for nefarious means by a paper-towel-tossing, son-of-a-bitch-calling, refugee-bashing, pussy-grabbing, private-plane-riding, self-dealing, race-baiting Presidential Administration.

Donald Trump is a moron, and Rex Tillerson isn’t much better.

• Facebook is the McDonald’s of communication—cheap, easy and bad for you.

• The Internet’s troll army using Google to wage an Information War.

• The new podcast series Cults examines Marshall Applewhite and Heaven’s Gate.

Arthur Janov, creator of Primal Scream Therapy, just passed away.

• AI pioneer Terry Winograd thinks AI is “facilitating huge problems for our society.”

• A brief note from 1911 about late-life Harriet Tubman.

• A brief note from 1863 about Mrs. Lincoln’s “Southern sympathies.”

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Ray Bradbury, CTE, Robert E. Lee statue.


10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

  1. gawker began as a crusade to save journalism
  2. republicans taking kremlin money
  3. robert e. lee statue
  4. rupert murdoch steve bannon relationship
  5. john leland liz smith
  6. cte football study
  7. synthetic weather
  8. increasing conectedness
  9. ray bradbury the machine-tooled happyland
  10. august engelhardt pacific eden

Please send help. The people of Puerto Rico are starving.

Let them eat cake.

Mar-a-Lago has the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake.

It’s so delicious, Puerto Rico, but you don’t get any because you people want everything done for you.

I’m going straight to hell, aren’t I?

Why do they always send me the worst people?!?


Extreme violence drove Russian journalist Yulia Latynina from her homeland.

• Hugh Hefner’s agoraphobic, technological lifestyle proved prophetic.

• Doug Bock Clark penned an excellent exegesis of Kim Jong-nam’s airport murder.

• Old Print Article: Father Charles Coughlin, The “Radio Priest,” Has Plug Pulled. (1940)

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Charlie Brooker, Masha Gessen, etc.

10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

  1. edward luce western liberalism
  2. flat earth theories colorado
  3. expansion of the surveillance state
  4. tim berners-lee fixing the internet
  5. masha gessen military coup
  6. trump consummate narcissistic salesman
  7. daniel dennett radical transparency
  8. camels delivering u.s. mail
  9. charlie brooker futurist
  10. peter thiel backup country new zealand

Donald Trump in 2017: “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now.”

Donald Trump in 1955: “Get that son of a bitch off the bus right now.”


Jesse Ventura is now being paid to deny Russian interference in the American election on Putin’s propaganda channel.

Ian Bogost argues that we’re already living inside a computer.

Jamie Wheal, “Flow State” salesman, is profiled by the New York Times.

• Nicholas Carr analyzes Sandy Pentland’s ideas about social physics.

• Bob Woodruff conducted a Reddit AMA about North Korea.

Nation-states may be a passing fancy—or perhaps not.

• A brief note from 1928 about future foods.

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Mark Lilla, woolly mammoths, etc.

10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

  1. philiogist murderer edward h. rulloff
  2. mark lilla identity politics
  3. toscanini living under fascism
  4. genetic enhancement in china
  5. kodak george eastman death
  6. spritz speed reading app
  7. why might we want to bring a mammoth back to life?
  8. millionaires don’t hire astrologers. billionaires do.
  9. people who have already been born could live for ten centuries
  10. trump has learned how to function in a world in which people now live in very separate realities

Hey, Bieber, get your ass over here. I’ve got another job for you.

I don’t have time to manscape, so I’ll drop trou and you flip that mower over and buzz my ballsac. But be careful!

Good job, Harry Pothead. Now my boys are smooth. You’re way better than that nun in Florida. She nicked my nutbag.

Okay, enough of you, midget loser, now I’m going to go be deeply intimate with the First Lady.


Some notes from me and excerpts from Jeet Heer and Jeffrey Goldberg on Trump and his aftermath.

• The effect 60 Minutes had on American journalism was a mixed blessing.

Some thoughts on Chelsea Manning’s smart NYT op-ed about the “eerily banal dystopian novel” we’ve written ourselves into.

Spiegel interviewed Edward Snowden, another dubious character in a dubious age.

• Perspectives on the political and personal complications of social media by Nick Bilton and Matt Haig.

• Nicholas Carr believes our warm welcome of nascent ambient technologies speaks to our narcissism.

• In 1957, Henry Miller predicted the emergence of a tyranny of technology.

• Old Print Articles: Mussolini manhandles the media. (1933/37)

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Daniel Boorstin, dictator chic, etc.


10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

  1. daniel boorstin pseudo-events donald trump
  2. peter thiel and the trump administration
  3. putin propaganda network RT
  4. russian oligarch money dallas morning news
  5. the place reeked of dictator chic
  6. exorcists in france
  7. rare jerry lewis films
  8. laurie penny article on robots
  9. the hgtv effect
  10. esalen institute of big sur

This week, the President was ready to teach Americans about the art of the deal.

Mitch, you chinless sack of shit, we’ve got the Democrats right where we want them on the debt ceiling. Just wait till I get that Chuck Schumer in a room.

I have absolutely no leverage, Mr. President, but I need you to do exactly what I want.

Now that business is taken care of, let me tell you all about the time I had sex in the toilet at Studio 54.


• One Republican pollster is beginning to think the GOP may be racist. Really???

• When not busy toying with Trump like a cornered rat, Vladimir Putin claims to be concerned about AI.

• Germany isn’t positioned to elect a Trump, but that doesn’t mean it’s free of xenophobic panic.

Some notes on Identity Politics, Bernie, Peggy Noonan and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ new essay.

• Despite what Libertarians believe, Burning Man is a vast bureaucracy.

• Several new pieces explore unobtrusive technologies that may soon alter our lives.

• The Los Angeles Review of Books focuses on the future of genetic engineering.

• A brief note from 1910 about the death of President Taft’s White House cow.

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Max Valier, Robert Redford.


10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

  1. prisoner from arpaio’s tent city prison
  2. the arpaio pardon
  3. wallace shawn political cruelty
  4. chekist-style disinformation
  5. robert redford on donald trump
  6. achzivland
  7. douglas rushkoff metadata
  8. god sees everything, including the blind
  9. austrian rocketeer max valier
  10. céline journey to the end of the night

This week, Donald Trump was summoned to flood-ravaged Houston to show empathy, clearly not his strong suit.

Don’t just sit there, Abbott, we’ve got work to do.

Are you white or black or what?

Don’t worry, lady, you’ll float.

Have a good time, everybody. I’m dismantling the EPA, so when chemical plants explode, take refuge in a megachurch.

We’re kinda closed now. Maybe try Airbnb or something?


• Trump’s Russia problem and autocratic dreams may meet headlong before long.

• Masha Gessen writes of Trump enabling hooligans and militias, a measure often employed by autocrats.

• Zoning is often the target of Libertarians, but Houston proves it has its merits.

• Are the machines are coming for our jobs? Max Tegmark and Nicholas Carr comment.

• Myriad challenges stand in the way of the proposed “space nation” Asgardia.

• Old Print Article: Madame Tussaud, doyenne of the decapitated. (1912)

• Old Print Article: George Eastman commits suicide. (1932)

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Andrew O’Hagan, Lew Wallace, etc.


10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

  1. may otis blackburn los angeles cult
  2. gen. lew wallace ben-hur author
  3. bombing of hiroshima
  4. death of polish president andrzej duda
  5. jobs fully automated out of existence
  6. people who clone their pets
  7. sebastian thrun flying cars
  8. andrew o’hagan technology and the novel
  9. robert louis stevenson death in samoa
  10. it’s almost like a conspiracy

This week, Sebastian Gorka was fired from his White House post. If he’s eventually forced to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, many think he’ll be a must-see.

He seems, however, to be more like a not-see.


• As Donald Trump speaks out for white supremacists, Daron Acemoglu and Simon Johnson suggest America found a “new republic.”

• Wallace Shawn talks about people, including our Entertainer-in-Chief, using cruelty to amuse.

• A WaPo op-ed argues Gawker is desperately needed during the Trumpocalypse. Seems a grandiose statement.

Tyler Cowen worries about designer babies. I’m worried that he thinks Rex Tillerson might be a good Secretary of State.

Spiegel explains why modern Germany couldn’t elect a Trump-ish figure.

• Tom Simonite says “banning ‘killer robots’ just isn’t practical.” Probably correct.

• Bill Joy believes we should “put everything online.” Not a great idea.

• A rare TV appearance from Jerry Lewis’ long, complicated life.

• Old Print Article: John Wilkes Booth receives a second burial.

• Two notes from 1930 about an eclipse “talkie”

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Claude Shannon, oikophobia, etc


10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

  1. inevitably posthuman
  2. china technological surveillance
  3. claude shannon jimmy soni
  4. alan kay dynabook
  5. windows xp background image
  6. oikophobia
  7. alfred hitchcock profile by oriana fallaci
  8. report from gaza london review of books
  9. americans are serial amnesiacs
  10. the white house has become a grotesque, excruciating freak show

This week, Donald Trump fired Senior Adviser Steve Bannon, but there was a touching moment when they parted.

If you should ever need me, you can find me fellating myself in the gutter.

I honestly thought my life couldn’t get any worse.


Charlottesville is perhaps prelude to greater unrest in America.

Edward Luce analyzes America after Charlottesville and Trump’s putrid presser.

Notes on Confederate statuary from John Marshall and a 1909 letter by a Union vet.

• Elon Musk thinks AI a more pressing threat than North Korea. Oh, goodness.

• Megan Molteni reports on the refreshing diversity found at CRISPRcon.

• James Surowiecki pushes back at the promised robopocalypse.

• Old Print Article: Julius Streicher captured in the aftermath of WWII. (1946)

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Jennifer Doudna, Nicole D. Wallace.

10 search-engine keyphrases bringing traffic to Afflictor this week:

  1. a lot of things around us happen almost by magic now
  2. bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki
  3. americans living in a mental fog
  4. richard seymour essay about trolls
  5. nicole wallace sarah palin
  6. chris cillizza cnn
  7. apple wants constant surveillance
  8. jennifer doudna a crack in creation
  9. andrew mcafee and erik brynjolfsson q&a
  10. engelberger’s machine caretaker ISAAC

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