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  • The Naked Truth About Baring It All In Front Of Your Kids
  • Man With 2 Penises Tells All In New Memoir
  • Whoops! Play-Doh Toy Looks A Lot Like Male Genitalia
  • Man Has 7-Inch Car Part Removed From Arm 51 Years After Wreck
  • Argentina President’s Bizarre Werewolf Mishap
  • Your Favorite Porn Stars Answer Your Most Throbbing Questions (NSFW)
  • Why You Can’t Have Sex In Public
  • This Monkey Is A Hero
  • Failed Pizza Shop Robber Busted By Toilet Paper Roll: Cops
  • 11 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Cat

We love you, Puddles, but you have a problem.

We love you, Puddles, but you need to get help.

I can stop anytime I want to.

I can stop drinking anytime I want to.

You're a friggin' mess, Puddles.

You’re a friggin’ mess, Puddles.

Youre not even a real doctor.

You’re not even a real doctor.

You're liver is diseased, Puddles. You will die if you don;t stop drinking.

But I am. Your liver is diseased. Quit drinking or you’ll die.

My name is Puddles, and I’m an alcoholic.

  • Woman Who Bared Breasts At Vatican Released After Arrest
  • Teacher In Threesome Case Wants Out Of House Arrest To Jazzercise
  • When Men Try To Draw Vaginas
  • Man Wakes Up From Coma Thinking He’s Matthew McConaughey
  • Man’s Zombie Nativity Scene Did Not Go Over Well
  • Elf Faces Drunk Driving Charges
  • This Monkey Is A Hero
  • ‘Don’t Jerk And Drive’ Campaign Pulled
  • WATCH: What Happens When Best Friends See Each Other Naked For The First Time
  • City Puts Subway Rats On Birth Control

  • Sex Predator Wins Florida Lottery
  • Why It Took Me Until My 50s To Feel OK About Masturbation
  • Young Mom Eats Toilet Paper Every Day
  • Whoopi Goldberg Lets One Rip On ‘The View,’ Proves You Shouldn’t Mess With Breakfast Burritos
  • 6 Wild Things People Used To Believe About Vaginas
  • Now It’s Safe To Cook Bacon While You’re Naked
  • Snake Thrown At Tim Hortons Employee For Reason
  • ‘Comfyballs’ Underwear Denied Trademark Because ‘Balls’
  • Why Are We So Scared Of Nipples?
  • Princess Sentenced For Cockfighting

Santa: poll taxes, McMansions, corporate welfare.


You probably had a hectic Black Friday and so did Santa Claus. He was busy overseeing his new automated workshop in the North Pole. The elves can go fuck themselves. Robots work for free and they’re not a bunch of sassy little bitches. Good luck in the world of fetish porn, you tiny ingrates.

But don’t think Santa is giving your asshole children those toys for free. You’ll pay retail. You see, Santa has been working with Goldman Sachs to prepare Christmas Inc. for an IPO. He wants Bezos money. In fact, the big guy has gone right-wing like David Mamet and his interests now include making wealth inequality worse and spending like a Koch brother to prevent Obama from winning a third term. (Yeah, I know, but don’t tell him.)

Santa’s actually feeling pretty good these days. Thanks to those occasionally useful Tea Party dipshits, conservatives now run the House and Senate and are only a Mitt Romney Presidency from making America a corporatocracy. Santa is very happy that Romney is considering running again in 2016, though he thinks ol’ Mitt should probably keep his creepy-eyed kid in the attic until all the votes have been counted.

You don’t like Santa’s vision? Well, he thinks you should go scratch your ass with a broken eggnog bottle. Santa’s a pimp and you’re a ho ho ho!

When Father becomes emperor, all the squirrels shall be my minions.

When Father becomes Emperor, all the squirrels shall be my minions.

  • My Children Don’t Know I’m A Lesbian
  • This Artist Paints With Pubic Hair, The Scent Of Vagina (NSFW)
  • Florida Man Caught Slipping Cow Tongue Into Pants: Cops
  • Teacher Told Student To Unclog Toilet With Bare Hands
  • 6 Overrated Sex Acts And Positions (NSFW)
  • Famous 2-Faced Cat Dies At 15
  • Woman Defies Court Order Prohibiting Loud Sex
  • The Following Sex Acts Are Now Banned From British Porn
  • Nebraska Player Kills Raccoon After ‘Selfie Gone Completely Wrong’
  • Chocolate-Scented Farts

Obama Address The National Prayer Breakfast




  • John Boehner Shares His Secret Turkey Recipe
  • ‘My Drunken Daughter Will Die If She Doesn’t Stop Drinking Hand Sanitizer’
  • Men Try Sex Toys For The First Time, Hilarity Ensues
  • Why Does This Entire City Smell Like Cat Pee?
  • WHERE’S THE BEEF? Woman Suspected Of Epic Sausage Heist
  • This Cat Learned To Flush the Toilet – Can You?
  • Student Fell Through Bathroom Ceiling Naked, Bit Man’s Ear Off: Cops
  • Woman Eats 2 Large Sponges A Week
  • Man Invents Pill That Makes Farts Smell Like Chocolate
  • Your Cat May Be Trying To Kill You

That pardon isn't for free. We need you to work with us.

That pardon isn’t for free. We need you to work with us.

President Obama continued a Thanksgiving tradition today when he pardoned two turkeys, Paulie and Frankie. In order to secure the pardons, the brothers agreed to help the Feds bring down their family’s racketeering operation. Paulie turned state’s evidence and Frankie wore a wire. They tried to play it cool, but word leaked that they’d flipped, so they had to be taken out. You know how it is when you go against the family, boys. It’s nothing personal, only business.

A bullet in the neck for you, Paulie.

You lived like scum, Frankie, and you died like it.

Paulie (2014-2014).

Frankie (2014-2014).

America (1776-2014).

America (1776-2014).

I promise I’ll never re-watch Goodfellas during a holiday week again. Remember, kids: Crime doesn’t pay, except for most types of white-collar crime.

And a special thanks to everyone helping to prepare my vegan Thanksgiving dinner...

And thanks to everyone who prepared my vegan Thanksgiving dinner…

...and dessert. Delicious!

…and dessert. Delicious!

Happy Thanksgiving, American Afflictor readers!

Happy Thanksgiving, U.S. Afflictor readers!

  • Pat Robertson: God Is Totally Cool With Speeding
  • That Time Jerry Lewis Sang ‘Happy Birthday’ To His Erect Penis
  • Man Discovers His Headaches Were Caused By A Worm Living In His Brain
  • Everyone Poops. Even Santa.
  • WATCH: German Radio Hosts Get Boobs For A Day
  • ‘Do I Look Like A Slut?’
  • Men And Their Sex Dolls Exposed In New Photo Series (NSFW)
  • Man Dismembered Dad, Used Boxed Body Parts As TV Stand
  • This Man Says He Is A Platypus
  • ‘Today’ Hosts Undergo Testicular Exam On Live TV

  • Exorcism Caught On Video… At A Starbucks?!?
  • Did A Porpoise REALLY Die From Too Much Sex?
  • Sir, There’s Cocaine In Your Meat
  • Toilets In The Kitchen: Best Thing Ever?
  • Man Gets Impaled On Shovel
  • No Jail Time For Woman Who Cut Man’s Penis With Box Cutter
  • Why Vegans Should Eat Insects
  • Dad Points Gun At Daughter During Game Of Battleship: Police
  • WATCH: Doctor Pulls Live Maggots From Patient’s Ear
  • Patti Smith Is Going To Rock The Vatican Christmas Concert

  • Mormon Church Reveals The Truth Behind ‘Magical Underwear’ In New Video
  • NOPE, NOPE, NOPE: Eel-Like Fish Removed From Man’s Bowels
  • Texas Woman Arrested Over Unwanted Fellatio: Police
  • Bestiality Porn Charge Dropped After Tiger Found To Be Guy In Tiger Suit
  • Kickstarter Campaign Will Build A 6-Foot Vagina To Benefit Texas Women
  • 9 Euphemisms For ‘Vagina’ That Just Don’t Make Sense
  • Students Hold ‘Sh*t-In’ To Advocate For Gender-Neutral Bathrooms
  • DNA From Toilet Helps Catch Burglar
  • Man Allegedly Thought It Was ‘OK’ To Have Sex With Beagle
  • This Woman Told Oprah She Had Hot Sex With A Ghost

  • Denver Police Warn Of Marijuana Candy Ahead Of Halloween
  • Boob Twerking Model Says She’s Received Death Threats
  • Olfactory Artist Has Crafted A Sculpture That Smells Like Vagina
  • Woman Allegedly Sets Man Ablaze After He Throws Out Her Spaghetti
  • Supermarket: We’re Sorry For Selling Hitler Coffee Creamer
  • Getting Drunk Saves Cat’s Life
  • NSFW: Japanese Sex Doll Doubles As Unique Drink Dispenser
  • No Alimony For Woman Who Didn’t Tell Husband She Was A Genie
  • Meet The 20-Somethings Who Want To Be Sterilized
  • ‘Wasn’t He Gay?’: A Revealing Question About Mister Rogers

Wow, St. Peter, that's some tan you've got.

Wow, St. Peter, that’s some tan you’ve got.

St. Peter?!? I mean, duh, I’m wearing horns.

And I'm wearing the kind of underpants that mutes farts. Hey, this is some piece of real estate. Have you ever thought of developing it?

And I’m wearing the kind of underpants that mutes farts. Hey, this is a big piece of real estate. Have you ever thought of developing it?

How so?

We class up the joint, Pete. Casinos, golf courses, European women who've "modeled," and my name in big letters everywhere.

We class it up, Pete. Casinos, golf courses, Eastern European models and my name in big gold letters everywhere.

That sounds hideous. It would actually make this place even worse. You’ve got a deal.

Great. But first we have to install some air conditioners. I'm burning up in this place.

Great. But first we need to install some air conditioners. I’m burning up.

Not happening, Hamburglar.



  • Nurse Accused Of Killing 38 Patients She Found Annoying
  • Why I Bared It All At A Nude Beach With My 75-Year-Old Mother
  • Would You Take Poop Pills If You Knew They’d Save Your Life?
  • Mom Tells Columnist Her Son Masturbates During Hockey Games
  • Patient Woke Up From Colonoscopy Wearing Pink Panties: Lawsuit
  • Man Stops Subway Doors With His Probably Fake Penis Bulge
  • After ‘The Mindy Project’ Anal Sex Scene, What Should Consent Look Like On TV?
  • Used Condoms Hanging On NYC Subway Might Be A Prank, Still Gross
  • Unsuspecting Woman Finds 3-Inch Leech Living In Nose (PHOTO)
  • Sex In The Ocean Sucks In Worst Way Imaginable

  • Katy Perry Reportedly Picked To Play Super Bowl
  • This Is Why You Should Be Eating Insects
  • Woman Spends A Month In Jail After Cops Mistake SpaghettiOs For Meth
  • Mom Changes Baby’s Diaper On Dining Table In Chipotle
  • Man Stabs 2 Veterinarians Over Dead Cat, Police Say
  • A Candid, Emotional Exploration Of Men’s Relationships With… Their Penises
  • This Is Not A Human Head
  • Dangerously Long Erection Sends Man To Hospital
  • Chef Dismembers, Cooks Girlfriend Before Killing Himself, Police Say
  • Terror Mega-Merger Looms?

  • Why 75 May Be The Best Age To Die
  • BALLSY MOVE: Man Pushes Giant Testicle Across US
  • ‘An Airplane S*** On Us,’ New Zealand Woman Claims
  • Woman Who Hid Boyfriend’s Body Parts In Flower Pots Sentenced
  • The Meat In This Guy’s Pants Was Worth $1,200, Cops Say
  • Massive Hairball Removed From Teen’s Stomach
  • Someone Killed Nearly 1,000 Chickens With A Golf Club
  • Finally, A Scrotal Condom For The Common Man
  • 7 Things Almost As Amazing As Taking Off Your Bra
  • Fish With Human Teeth Caught In Russian River (PHOTO)

  • Yes, I Have A Dick Pic And Here’s Why I’m Not Ashamed Of It
  • Calvin Wank Allegedly Lives Up To Name At Love’s Truck Stop
  • Threesome With Homeless Man Turns Violent After Beef Taste-Test: Cops
  • Marijuana-Infused Vinaigrette Will Make Your Salad Super Chill
  • Donkeys Reunited At Polish Zoo After Sex Scandal
  • Hey, Wanna Buy An Amputated Leg In A Lamp?
  • Restaurant Selling Sex Toys With Burgers
  • Suspect Tells Cops Stabbing People ‘Better Than Doing Meth’
  • This Is What Breasts Really Look And Feel Like
  • Mom, 2 Teens Allegedly Draw 100-Yard Penis On Football Field

  • Barbie Doll Utters Curse Word, Mom Alleges
  • The Definitive Guide To Having Sex On Furniture
  • Man Allegedly Murders Fiance, Eats Her Brains
  • Papa Murphy’s Employee Admits Rubbing Scrotum On Pizza Was ‘Stupid’
  • Car Crash Caused By Burned Armpit Hair
  • ‘Blood Everywhere’ As Massive Brawl Breaks Out At Wedding
  • NSFW: This Is What Sex Looks Like Inside An MRI Scanner
  • ‘Survivor’ Has Been Very Cruel To Jeff Probst’s Privates
  • ‘Curly Sue’ Star Admits Battle With Alcoholism
  • Man Sorry For Tossing Drug-filled Football Into Prison

My fellow Americans, if you dipshits can stop beating the snot out of each other in elevators for five fucking minutes, I have something to say to you.

Should we have taken the stairs?

Okay. But just five minutes.

Five years ago, I took over the governance of a badly damaged country from an alcoholic who couldn't find oil in Texas.

In 2009, I took over the governance of a badly damaged country from an alcoholic who couldn’t find oil in Texas.

I painted kitty cats..

I painted kitty cats.

But nothing I do pleases you geniuses. Even Obamacare, which is a rousing success in every way, is hated by the very people who need it most.

But nothing I do pleases you geniuses. Even Obamacare, a rousing success by every measure, is hated by the very people who need it most.

Stay away, you death panels.

Stay away, you death panels.

I'jj get you the way I got Joan Rivers.

I’ll get you the way I got Joan Rivers.

Despite my best efforts, the world has gotten even dumber. I got rid of bin Laden and now they've got terrorists wiho wear Rolexes.

Despite my best efforts, the world has become even dumber. I waxed Osama bin Laden and now they’ve got terrorists who wear Rolexes.

The guys got it for me as a surprise. I mean, it was sweet.

The guys got it for me for my birthday. It was really thoughtful.

Eberyone chipped in. Except for Al-Bilawi, that cheapskate.

Everyone chipped in. Except for Al-Bilawi, that cheapskate.

I told you I left my wallet in my other flak jacket.

I told you I left my wallet in my other vest.

You rocket scientists want your crossing guards armed with howitzers.

Domestically, things are just as stupid. You rocket scientists want your crossing guards armed with howitzers.

Don't cross on yellow. DON'T CROSS ON YELLOW!

Don’t cross on yellow. DON’T CROSS ON YELLOW!

Ive added jobs for 46 straight months and you babies continue to whine.

I’ve added jobs for 55 straight months despite dealing with a do-nothing Congress, and you babies continue to whine.

My iPhone 5 isn’t good enough. I want the iPhone 6. Do something.

Even quality of the our celebrities having nude photos leaked has hit rock bottom.

Even the quality of our celebrities having nude photos leaked has hit rock bottom.

Now everyone will see my nipples.

Now everyone will see my nipples.

Im doing all the

I’m doing all the heavy lifting and all you derps care about is my tan suit.

It's un-Presidential!

That’s because it’s un-Presidential!

So I'm announcing my resignation.

So I’m announcing my resignation.

Yay! Now I get to be President!

Now I get to be President!

Wait for  it...

Wait for it…

I've determined it's best that I pre-resign as President and effect change in America in other ways. Mostly reality shows and family brawls in Costco parking lots.

I’ve determined it’s best I pre-resign from the Presidency and effect change in America in other ways. Mostly through reality shows and family brawls in Costco parking lots.

I've got to get out of here before Charles Barkley says something else really stupid.

I’ve got to get out of office before Charles Barkley says one more stupid thing.

All black folks beat their children with trees.

All black folks beat their children with trees.

Dumb motherfucker. You ready to roll, Michelle?

In closing, you trolls can go screw yourselves. Now you’ll get what you so richly deserve.

  • Why Women Of All Ages Are Going Bare ‘Down There’
  • Weird Link Found Between Men’s Faces And Semen Quality
  • Gravedigger Suspended After Taking Photo With Dead Man
  • A Woman Is A Home For A Penis???
  • Man Stabs Roommate For Being Loud During Threesome: Cops
  • Tuxedoed Man Shoots At Couple Who Interrupts Oral Sex: Cops
  • Mom Let Child Drive Because She Was Drunk: Cops
  • Missing Mom Found Alive, Was Kept In Cage For 2 Months: Police
  • Man Puts Girlfriend’s Toddler Son In Dryer, Turns It On: Cops
  • Why I Want My Sons To See Me Naked


  • Man Allegedly Admits To Putting Semen In Co-Worker’s Coffee
  • Vegas Trio Hid Stolen Rolexes In Vaginas: Cops
  • Father Of 34 Children Explains Why He Didn’t Get A Vasectomy
  • Penis = $$$
  • Teen Marries Dog To Ward Off Curse
  • Day Care Workers Fired After Encouraging Toddlers To Fight (VIDEO)
  • MURDER MOST FOWL! Police Chief Decapitates Boy’s Pet Chicken
  • Man Helps Elderly Woman Rescue Cats, Then Stabs Her To Death: Cops
  • Man Charged With Baking Friend’s Dog To Death In Oven
  • Nope, Betty White Is Not Dead

  • The Lipstick Shade That Will Get You Excited For Fall
  • This Bride Drunkenly Ordering Taco Bell Is Our New Idol
  • Porn Stars Let Fans Squeeze Breasts For Charity
  • Inmate Overdosed On Methadone-Soaked Underwear: Officials
  • Cops Say Couple High On Meth Posed For Selfies With Dead Friend
  • Teacher Disciplined For Tweeting She Wanted To Stab Students
  • Man Has Kept All His Nail Clippings In A Jar — Since ’78!
  • Rapper Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge… With Marijuana
  • This Is What It’s Like To Be A Pizza
  • Badass Lady Taxidermist Stuffs Her Animals And Eats Them

Before I accept the challenge, I challenge Idi Amin's ghost, Charles Manson and Glenn Beck.

Before I pour ice water on myself, I challenge Idi Amin’s ghost, Charles Manson and Glenn Beck.

Ann Coulter, I accept your piss-bucket challenge.

Ann Coulter, I accept your Piss Bucket Challenge.

No, I said "ice bucket."

No, I said “Ice.”

I will now drench myself in my own urine.

I will now drench myself in my own urine.

It's the most warm, beautiful feeling.

It’s the most warm, beautiful feeling.

I would also liked to be doused by Idi Amin's urine.

I would also like to be soaked in Glenn Beck’s whiz.

Hands off my pee, Idi Amin's ghost.

Hands off my pee jug, Idi Amin’s ghost. It’s all mine.

  • What It Really Feels Like To Be A Childfree Woman
  • Let’s Clear Up Some Lies You’ve Been Told About Vaginas
  • Morgue Attendant Admits To Sex With 100 Dead Women
  • Man In Penguin Suit Stole Beer: Police
  • ‘That Makes Me Want To Vomit In My Mouth’
  • This Is What A Female Orgasm Really Looks Like (NSFW)
  • Florida Woman Rips Off Grandmother’s Bra, Robs Her: Police
  • ‘Dating Naked’ Star Sues Because She Was Too Naked
  • These Are The Everyday People Who Practice BDSM (NSFW)
  • Man Fakes Death To Avoid Wedding

  • You May Be Buying Republican Cereal
  • Here’s What Happened When I Agreed To Try Group Masturbation
  • This Map Looks Like A Penis
  • ‘Pregnant Man’ Has Right To Divorce Wife
  • That Massive Bulge On Idris Elba Is Not What You Think
  • Why These Women Say ‘Masturbation Is A No-No’
  • Pundits: Archie Comics Are Promoting The Occult And Homosexuality
  • This Woodchuck Had A Bad Day, But It Got Better
  • Tara Reid Made A Perfume Based Off Sharknado. Yep.
  • Soon We’ll All Be Having Sex With Robots, Maybe: Scientist

  • Mom: I Didn’t Know Boy Was Dead Until Smell Set In
  • This Is What Happens When Gay Men Are Asked To Draw Vaginas (NSFW)
  • Teacher Turns Up Drunk And Pantsless On First Day: Cops
  • Kim Kardashian’s Topless Photo Is Not What You’d Expect To Find In A Wedding Album
  • Mom Calls Cops On Son After Finding Porn
  • Like Mother, Like Pregnant (And Naked) Daughter
  • The Pedometer For Your Penis
  • Cat Circus Is A Circus Starring Cats
  • WATCH: Man Appears To Kick Squirrel Into The Grand Canyon
  • 4 Good Reasons To Avoid Plastic Surgery


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