Highlights From Yet Another Week Of Afflictor

This week, the dotard and moron President of America Donald Trump spoke to the dotard and moron President of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

It’s President Trump. Is this the President of the U.S. Virgin Islands?

Yes, this is the President.

What’s going on in that dump?

It’s a real shit hole. Damp as fuck. Needs more white people, a golf course and some Eastern European “models.”

I like your moxie. Wanna be my Vice President?

What about Pence?

Calls his wife “mother” and always worrying about the gays. Either he’s a time traveler from the 1950s or he’s hiding or repressing something. It’s a creepfest.

I’m sitting right here, Mr. President.


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Emmanuel Macron explains why he believes in grand political narratives.

• Marsha Gordon considers profound AI and the withering of memory.

• California seems to be far ahead of the rest of the U.S. in facing the future.

• Two brief notes about Nijinsky’s illness.

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