Highlights From Yet Another Week Of Afflictor

This week, Donald Trump was summoned to flood-ravaged Houston to show empathy, clearly not his strong suit.

Don’t just sit there, Abbott, we’ve got work to do.

Are you white or black or what?

Don’t worry, lady, you’ll float.

Have a good time, everybody. I’m dismantling the EPA, so when chemical plants explode, take refuge in a megachurch.

We’re kinda closed now. Maybe try Airbnb or something?


• Trump’s Russia problem and autocratic dreams may meet headlong before long.

• Masha Gessen writes of Trump enabling hooligans and militias, a measure often employed by autocrats.

• Zoning is often the target of Libertarians, but Houston proves it has its merits.

• Are the machines are coming for our jobs? Max Tegmark and Nicholas Carr comment.

• Myriad challenges stand in the way of the proposed “space nation” Asgardia.

• Old Print Article: Madame Tussaud, doyenne of the decapitated. (1912)

• Old Print Article: George Eastman commits suicide. (1932)

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Andrew O’Hagan, Lew Wallace, etc.