Highlights From Yet Another Week Of Afflictor

This week, the President caused an uproar when he addressed the Boy Scout Jamboree, turning it into a politicized hate rally and telling off-color stories.

In summation, kids, I had a friend who sold his business for a lot of money and bought a yacht and, wow, the whores. Make America great again!

What, did I cross a line? No problem. I’ll get Scaramucci to fix it for me.

You little cocksuckers talk and I won’t give any of you cocaine or handguns.


• At the Youngstown rally, Trump was oddly focused on “young, beautiful girls…16 or 15” being murdered with knives.

• Mike Bloomberg thinks Donald Trump has a good shot at 8 years in the WH. I’ll bet the under.

Liz Smith was at the center of the culture, when the culture still had a center.

Governments are utilizing new tech tools to coax and control citizens.

John Thornhill writes of how the battlefield is redefined in the Digital Age.

• Tristan Harris says smartphones have “hijacked” minds. That’s a misreading.

• Roombas, TVs, etc., are already in our homes collecting information about us.

Siddhartha Mukherjee says the thorny future of genetics is already upon us.

• Tim Parks and Riccardo Manzotti debate whether the mind is just the brain.

• Jimmy Soni and Rob Goodman conducted an AMA on their Claude Shannon bio.

• An item to add to Noah Smith’s list of causes leading to Americans living in a “mental fog”: tackle football.

• A note from 1908 about experiments in “electric sleep.”

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Jeet Heer Abbie Hoffman, etc.