Highlights From Yet Another Week Of Afflictor

This week, a stern President Trump arrived at the G20 Summit determined to confront Vladimir Putin over tampering with our elections.

They think Russia interfered in the Presidential election and helped me win, but that isn’t true, right?

Of course it is. Your campaign helped. If you’re lucky, you will be allowed to resign in disgrace. Or maybe you’ll hang for treason. Now we’re trying to breach America’s nuclear facilities.

See, nothing happened.

Let’s shake on it.

Do you have prostitute pee on your hands?

A lot.

Don’t worry. So do I.


• Lawrence Wright covers Texas’ combustible 2017 legislative session.

My Fellow Americans: Happy 4th Of July!

• In 1967, Norman Mailer and Oriana Fallaci met for a conversation.

• Matthew Cobb asks if CRISPR is a “techno-thriller writing itself in real time.”

• Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjlfsson talk on automation, climate change, etc.

• Christopher Mims wonders if iPhones–and society–will be transformed by 2027.

Abigail Cain explains how the Windows XP desktop background came to be.

• Despite little violent crime, Japan’s police force is growing.

• A brief note from 1926 about Napoleon’s cane.

• Old Print Article: A freak show funeral via Edison “Talking Machine.” (1895)

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Garry Wills, Father Divine, etc.