Highlights From Yet Another Week Of Afflictor

Vlad, this is Don. The AHCA is deader than Alan Thicke and Mike Flynn might be flipping. What should I do?

Maybe chillax with ugly American prostitute? I have to leave now to beat up children. Bye.

He ain’t pretty no more.

Let’s go straight to the Lincoln Bedroom.


  • Chuck Barris, a schlock seller who didn’t wind up in the White House, just died.
  • Masha Gessen talks the increased volatility of the U.S. and Russia.
  • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin thinks AI is no threat to workers. Wrong.
  • A look at computational neuroscientists who believe biology itself a fatal error.
  • Yuval Harari fields questions on myriad topics from public figures and readers.
  • Some of our behaviors will make future peoples see as us barbaric.