Highlights From Yet Another Week Of Afflictor

This week, in order to make it appear like he’s appointing a representative number of African-Americans to his cabinet, the President-Elect summoned comedian Steve Harvey to Trump Tower.

And so, in closing, my good friend Sinbad and me, we’re gonna make America great again or some shit like that. But mostly I’m going to further enrich myself and maybe destroy U.S. democracy.

Wow, I’ve been running around nonstop all day. I really need to take a pee break.

It’s imported directly from Russia. Salut!


  • A defrocked Catholic priest proselytizing for Breitbart in Europe is profiled.
  • There were four questions submitted to his AMA I hoped Julian Assange would answer. (He addressed one of them.)
  • Walter Winchell lived to witness the grim demise of his vast fame and power.
  • Automation may or may not leave humans without enough jobs.
  • James Gleick writes that our sense of time–past, present, future–may not exist.
  • Exorcist writer William Peter Blatty, congratulated and cursed, just died.