“One Of These Might Come In A Pill”


Not having to worry about food or shelter allows people to stop and dream, and those in possession of obscene wealth are often given to the most outsize visions of all. Money is a hallucinogenic.

Netflix Founder and billionaire disruptor Reed Hastings fears that in the near future you won’t tune in but instead turn on. He believes entertainment might soon become chiefly pharmaceutical, even more than it already is, all nice and legal. Binge-watching would be replaced by pill-taking, which would be bad for his bottom line.

From Dom Galeon at Futurism:


Netflix CEO Reed Hastings made an interesting prediction two days ago. Speaking at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJD Live 2016, Hastings spoke of better entertainment substitutes for movies and TV shows in the future. One of these might come in a pill.

After talking about the possibility of an AT&T/Time Warner merger, the Netflix boss unexpectedly veered toward the future of an industry that’s largely been screen-based. Netflix’s competition, according to Hastings, is anything that takes the viewer’s attention away from the screen. For the future, the real challenge is to figure out what will take back this attention, he says. “Is it VR, is it gaming, is it pharmacological?” he asked, according to TechCrunch.

He added: “In twenty or fifty years, taking a personalized blue pill you just hallucinate in an entertaining way and then a white pill brings you back to normality is perfectly viable.” It’s an idea straight out of The Matrix and, more recently, featured in a video game called Watch Dogs.

“And if the source of human entertainment in thirty or forty years is pharmacological we’ll be in real trouble,” said a not-so-chill Netflix boss.•

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