“This Can Be A General Store 2.0.”

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Jazz Age entrepreneurs promised automated department stores, even if they didn’t yet possess the technology to deliver them. By the late 1930s, automated Keedoozle grocery stores became a reality, even if they didn’t exactly thrive over the next couple of decades. Robots have recently begun to infiltrate certain chains, though their role for the time being is complementary. 

In Sweden, one early adopter has designed a concept store that goes all in on automation, disappearing human workers and leaving the responsibility to the machines. Robert Ilijason came up with the idea to serve people living outside of cities who don’t have easy access to basic goods. You scan and pay for the items with your smartphone. “My ambition is to spread this to other small towns,” he says, “This can be a general store 2.0.” It may initially take root in more rural areas where it’s a job creator, but we’re only in the prelude stage, and the idea will be applied, to some extent, everywhere.

From Oresund Startups:

The person behind the idea is Robert Ilijason, who specializes in tech. But the idea is inspired not so much by the professional field but rather by personal experience.

“I lost it last baby food jar. And then there was panic. I myself live in the bay and had to go to Helsingborg to buy new food. Then I got the idea that there should be a store here and started thinking about how to solve this purely technical,” shared Robert in HD interview.

Those who are interested in using the services of a new store will have to become its members. The only requirement for joining is to provide a credit report, which takes a few minutes to complete. Initially the range of products will not be wide, but the customers will have the power to influence product variety. The app will provide a support service where users will write what they would like to see in the store.

If everything goes according to plan, the concept will be spread to more places.•