10 Recent Huffington Post Headlines

I had chili for breakfast.

I had chili for breakfast, Jeb.

  • Man’s Love For Brother Inspires ‘Fart Symphony’
  • Masturbating Can Get Your Hands Pregnant In The Afterlife, Muslim Televangelist Warns
  • Teacher Allegedly Shares Nude Photos Of Her Boob Job With Students
  • Man Named Bacon Assaults Person For Eating Sausage: Police
  • Twins Arrested For Throwing Bricks At Each Other
  • Man Asks City To Ban Fart Smells — For A Good Reason
  • Danish Radio Station Beats Rabbit To Death Live On Air
  • The Very Public Spaces Where People Privately Orgasm
  • Eric Stonestreet Apologizes To Jim Parsons For Sex Toy Mishap
  • Why We’re So Excited About Granny Panties
Show me your panties, Grandma Lucy.

I want your panties, Grandma Lucy.

I'm calling the police, you pervert!

I’m calling the police, you pervert!

It's still me, Nana.

I’m going to need your panties as evidence, Nana.