10 Recent Huffington Post Headlines

Lick my boots, dog.

  • Meet the Dominatrix Grandma Who Works Out Of Her Basement Dungeon
  • Teen With Penis Measuring 10 Inches Around Gets Reduction Surgery (GRAPHIC)
  • Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Make Yogurt Or Lift Weights With Your Vagina
  • Woman Charged With Sex Crimes Against Young Child, Dog
  • Married Couples Open Up About Masturbation
  • 82-Year-Old Woman Accused Of Stealing ‘Sexiest Fantasies’ Body Spray
  • The Rise Of This Erotic Garden Will Come Hard And Fast, Breast Assured (NSFW)
  • This Is How Women React To Dick Pics
  • Florida Couple Falls Asleep In Dumpster, Wakes Up In Garbage Truck
  • Talking Dolls Hacked To Spew Filthy Things
Ken's penis is filthy and uncut.

Ken’s penis is uncut.

I will never love you the way I love meth.

I will never love you the way I love meth.

I strangled a male prostitute.

I just strangled a male prostitute.


My ancestors were Nazi sympathizers.

Fran Lebowitz joined One Direction.

I’m Fran Lebowitz, and I’ve joined One Direction.