“Is That Country, Even With Its Penchant For Murderous Purges, The Worst Wielder Of The Death Penalty?”

If you put your uncle to death as Kim Jong-un just did, you’re going to make your nation seem like the most barbaric on Earth. And North Korea is among the dimmest corners of the planet no matter the criteria we’re using for measurement. But is that country, even with its penchant for murderous purges, the worst wielder of the death penalty? It’s not easy to measure its deployment since some countries don’t officially murder people but still make enemies disappear. Anyhow, here are the Amnesty International numbers via the Guardian of executions performed from 2007-2012 in the nations most given to such practices:

  1. China: Thousands
  2. Iran: 1,663
  3. Saudi Arabia: 423
  4. Iraq: 256
  5. United States: 220
  6. Pakistan: 171
  7. Yemen: 152
  8. Korea (North): 105
  9. Vietnam: 58
  10. Libya 39