“The Robot Can Even Send A Text When The Drink Is Done”

Briggo has introduced Intelligent Networked Coffee Kiosks at the University of Texas, so robistas can make your lattes. From Anton Olsen at Wired:

“When I was in Austin for SXSW the family and I stopped by Briggo’s prototype robotic coffee shop at the University of Texas. Someone mentioned robots and coffee in the same sentence and I couldn’t resist.

The first version of Briggo went online in November 2011 and it appears to be a hit with students and professors alike. Customers can order drinks off the web, a smart phone app, or at the kiosk itself. Even before ordering, the status of the queue and estimated time for each drink is clearly listed. This gives the customer some flexibility to choose a quick coffee drink over their favorite americano if the queue is backed up. Payment is handled at the time the order is placed so all that’s left to do is pick up the coffee on the way to class. The robot can even send a text when the drink is done.”