“The New Gaming Tables–Incorporating RFID, Secure E-commerce And Banking, Multi-Touch, Digital Video, And Web Technologies–Are Anything But A Throwback”

Apart from Kentucky Derby day, horse racing has long suffered a diminished place in the sports and gambling worlds, so the Hong Kong Jockey Club decided to make itself over with high-tech, touchscreen gaming tables. From David Zax at MIT: “Horseracing almost feels like a throwback; it evokes images of old men angrily stubbing out cigars. But the new gaming tables–incorporating RFID, secure e-commerce and banking, multi-touch, digital video, and web technologies–are anything but a throwback. Up to eight gamers can play at a time. The tables debuted at the sleek and stylish ‘Adrenaline Bar’ at Happy Valley, Hong Kong’s most famous racecourse.”