“Jogging Can Add More Than Five Years To People’s Lives”

I’ve always wondered if marathoners have lifespans different from the average. Do they live longer or shorter because of the extreme workout their hearts consistently get? It would seem, according to some new research, that at least those who jog moderately receive great benefit from the exercise. Though you have to assume people jogging regularly might be living healthier in other ways, too, so perhaps there’s some correlation to go along with the causation. From Counsel and Heal:

“Jogging can add more than five years to people’s lives, according to a recent Danish research.

According to Peter Schnohr, chief cardiologist of the Copenhagen City Heart Study, between one and two-and-a-half hours of jogging per week could add around 6.2 years to men and 5.6 years to women.

‘The results of our research allow us to definitively answer the question of whether jogging is good for your health,’ said Schnohr in a statement.

‘We can say with certainty that regular jogging increases longevity,’ Schnohr added.

Back in 1970s, few men died while running, raising speculations whether jogging had more harm than benefits. Some said jogging might be “too strenuous for ordinary middle aged people.’

However, the new study from Copenhagen City Heart suggests that jogging in fact is improving longevity, and it doesn’t have to be strenuous to receive the benefits. Just one hour per week could do the trick.”


Enhanced running in a leisure suit: