“Sometimes The Monkeys Steal The Affidavits”

Rural areas of India lack electricty, so the typewriter remains a popular tool. From an article by Mark Magnier in the Los Angeles Times:

“It’s a stultifying afternoon outside the Delhi District Court as Arun Yadav slides a sheet of paper into his decades-old Remington and revs up his daily 30-word-a-minute tap dance.

Nearby, hundreds of other workers clatter away on manual typewriters amid a sea of broken chairs and wobbly tables as the occasional wildlife thumps on the leaky tin roof above.

‘Sometimes the monkeys steal the affidavits,’ Yadav said. ‘That can be a real nuisance.’

The factories that make the machines may be going silent, but India’s typewriter culture remains defiantly alive, fighting on bravely against that omnipresent upstart, the computer.”

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